Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Terminal49 is excited to introduce a new feature, Dashboard Stats, designed to optimize container management processes. This powerful addition provides users with quick access to key container insights, enabling informed decision-making and efficient logistics operations.
Streamlined Container Views:
With Dashboard Stats, users can view a snapshot of their container views directly upon accessing the Terminal49 dashboard. Whether utilizing pre-designed templates like "Needs Attention," "On Ship," "Arrived," or custom views created by users, the feature offers a comprehensive overview of container statuses at a glance. This streamlined view eliminates the need to navigate through various tabs, saving time and improving operational efficiency.
Enhanced Collaboration:
Collaboration is key in container management, and Dashboard Stats facilitates effective teamwork. Users can easily share container views with internal teams, external partners, and stakeholders. This streamlined sharing capability enhances collaboration and communication, keeping all relevant parties updated on container statuses and progress.
Warm regards,
The Terminal49 Team
Anonymizing Shared Container Data, designed to prioritize data privacy and confidentiality. This powerful addition allows users to mark container views as anonymized, ensuring that sensitive information such as tags, references, and customer fields are hidden when sharing containers with external parties.
Protecting Data Confidentiality:
With Anonymizing Shared Container Data, users have the ability to safeguard sensitive information when sharing container views. By marking a container view as anonymized, Terminal49 ensures that tags, references, and customer fields are concealed from external recipients. This feature adds an extra layer of data privacy, ensuring that only the necessary information is shared, while maintaining confidentiality.
Effortless Customization:
Anonymizing Shared Container Data is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Users can easily mark a container view as anonymized with a simple toggle. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their container sharing approach based on specific data privacy requirements, ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining confidentiality.
Warm regards,
The Terminal49 Team
Integrating your system with Terminal49 just got even easier.
Using DataSync, you can now automatically sync our data with your system in a way that is secure, reliable, and easy.
Setup takes between 20 minutes and 2 hours, and can save weeks or months of development time.We've made our
, and
tracking request
data available through DataSync. Data is synced on an hourly basis.
For many teams, this will be a better option than integrating with our API.
To learn more, read the blog post, the landing page, or the developer docs.
We are thrilled to announce the release of the new Containers Dashboard!
A Swiss Army knife to manage your containers
Effortlessly filter containers by milestones, statuses (ETAs, on-ship, arrived, fees, holds, awaiting pick-up, empty-return, etc.), choose the columns you want to display, and save your configuration as a custom view. Each team member can create personalized views tailored to their daily workflow.
Bookmark Your Custom Views
— To create a view, simply start with an existing one (e.g., All Containers), apply desired filters and columns, and click the Create New View button.
Share Instantly with a Link
Generate public share links for your custom views and share them with customers, vendors, and other external partners. As new containers match the selected filters, they are automatically added to the shared view. Your customers/partners will see real-time updates, streamlining communication, collaboration, and customer service.
Additional Key Features:
Grouping by Shipments
— Group containers from the same shipment when sorting by a field, making it easier to identify potential issues.
Dynamic Date Range Selectors
— Choose relative dates (e.g., next 10 days) instead of specific calendar dates, and your view will refresh daily to display the new dates within that range.
Our Journey Continues
This new design is just the beginning. We plan to introduce many more features in the coming weeks and months, including favoriting team views, filtering containers assigned to you, a timeline view, enhanced dashboard reporting, and email improvements.
We Value Your Feedback!
Your insights have been invaluable in shaping this enhanced experience. We welcome any suggestions for further improvements or additional features that would make the dashboard even more useful to you. Email with your feedback.
Warm regards,
The Terminal49 Team
Now developers can create and edit webhooks directly on the website without having to use the API:
Other API improvements# New webhook notification IPs
Please note that we have added new IPs that we may send you webhook notifications from:
These are addition to our existing IP
APM Terminals Empty In
We now receive Empty In data for Maersk shipments discharged in APM LA or APM NY (Port Elizabeth).
New terminal integrations
We can now track container updates at some new terminals:
We are releasing two minor changes to the Terminal49 API which may impact your account (if you are using the API). If you exclusively use the Terminal49 Dashboard, these changes will not affect you.
Changes will be launched on Thursday, January 20th at 9am PST.
These are not considered breaking changes, but as we are adding to the payload of most notifications and sending a new event, we wanted to make sure you are aware in advance.
Shipments will be included with all transport events
Many of you have requested we include the shipment details in the transport event webhook payloads.
Now for all transport events (e.g.
) we will include the shipment details in the included array.
New webhook notification
We will be introducing a new notification to let you know when your shipment is no longer being updated with information from the shipping lines or terminals.
Typically shipments stop updating once all the containers are empty returned, but there are other scenarios too. View docs
The stopped timestamp and reason are included in the shipment payload as
Add Pagination on Recently Added shipments page.
Instead of scroll, queue to load, and display additional shipments, pagination allows users to see 25 shipments at once and be able to view previous and next 25 shipments
iFrame widget that works similar to a web application, to provide visibility to users which allows their users to view shipment overview and basic container details, while mimic the Terminal49 spinner look and feel on the user's website.
Wrong sign-in authentication failed message when an user failed to enter authentication code.
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